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Guest Post! We Love Whiskey.


A note on our Whiskey selection.

By the indomitable Dave Mau.

Memphis had always been a reflection of it’s previous incarnation, the legendary Kings Inn, which was a cold beer, teriyaki/burger joint where you may or may not get whacked across the head with a pool cue on a random weekday afternoon. We’re a rough and tumble shot and a beer kinda joint that has great food and even better service. At our core we’ve stayed true to the simple concept that good company is the best ingredient and have lived by three words-Food. Community. Culture.-for 20 years now. Our bar program reflects all this by striking a balance between the dive bar mentality and the nouveau mixology movement.

Part of this is having a top notch whiskey program and it been my mission here to expand and curate our selections. Currently we have 60+ and counting with more being added by myself and our staff, including Paul Ruga and Phil Greyshock who both have astounding palettes and impeccable taste in booze. My favorite recent editions are Twelve Five Rye Whiskey, a top notch product that has an approachable taste on the front end and with a hint of caramel and floral notes. The Highspire Rye is a unique spirit, sort of the Nikka Coffey of ryes it has a grainy edge to it and finishes with a slightly scotch-like tinge. On our bourbon side we have the Belle Meade, just easy drinking with a bit of leather, ripe cherry and solid mash finish to it. One of the few spirits still bottled in bond, Mellow Corn, has a moonshiney kick to it and a great label. It’s nothing fancy and let’s you know it’s there but I really like it and it takes to infusions well.

This is in addition to our other flagship selections in clouding Anchor’s Old Potrero Rye (which is beyond reproach), Lock Stock and Barrel Rye, Rock Hill Farms, Jefferson’s, Angels Envy, Blanton’s and too many more to list, some of which are carried only here at Memphis. Drop by, say hello and ask one of us what we have behind the bar. You won’t regret it.