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This week: Chef Diego Velasco chats with OC Parenting Magazine!

These dads not only bring home the pancetta, they fry it up in a pan. Meet Orange County’s culinary talents, and their tots.

Chef’s lives tend to be rather hectic, between long hours in the kitchen, the responsibility of looking into the future (often by analyzing the past) to manage just the right flow of food products in and out, and of course the creative side where they test their palates and imaginations to wow their loyal culinary audience into coming back again and again. As a magazine who has attempted to cater to the young foodies of Orange County through our monthly reviews of restaurants not dumbing it down when it comes to the kid menu, we wondered whether future chefs were born into the field with a try-anything attitude, or whether our own occasionally picky eaters had any shot at growing into future James Beard winners and Top Chefs. We are fortunate to have a wealth of talent in our area, so we tapped a few chef dads to get the lowdown on just what goes into balancing a family and minding their other baby, their restaurant.

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